Community Platform

A community platform can be a valuable extension of your website and LMS on WordPress, enabling you to foster engagement and interaction among your audience. By creating a space where your learners can connect with one another, share ideas, and collaborate, you can build a stronger sense of community around your brand and offerings.



With our expertise in WordPress development, we can help you create a community platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing website and LMS. We’ll work with you to understand your audience and their needs, and develop features and functionalities that cater to those needs.

By providing a space for your learners to interact with one another, you can increase engagement with your brand and offerings. When learners feel connected to one another, they are more likely to stay engaged with your courses and coaching programs.

A community platform enables learners to share their knowledge and expertise with one another, creating a culture of learning and collaboration. This can be particularly valuable in coaching programs, where learners can benefit from the experiences and insights of their peers.

When learners feel a sense of belonging to a community, they are more likely to stay committed to your coaching programs and courses. By fostering a strong community around your brand, you can enhance retention and reduce churn.

Our team has extensive experience in developing community platforms on WordPress, and we’re committed to helping you create a space that fosters engagement, learning, and growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a thriving community platform as an extension of your website and LMS.

Bringing learners together, building a stronger community

How it’s better with Build Your Own LMS

At Build Your Own LMS, we understand the importance of community in the learning process. That’s why we provide a specialized Community Platform service that is tailored to meet the unique needs of course creators. Our unique Framework, Unified Coaching System, allows course creators to build a community platform that is fully integrated with their Learning Management System (LMS) and coaching website. This allows learners to seamlessly move between the different parts of the platform and access all the resources they need to succeed in their learning journey. Furthermore, with our help, course creators can have a community platform that not only looks great but also provides the functionality they need to effectively manage their community and reach their audience. With our Community Platform, you can create a private and secure environment where learners can connect with each other, share their experiences, and get support from the course creator and other members of the community.