Anoop Narayanan

Founder, Coach, And Consultant
Founder, Director
Mentor, Coach, And Lead Strategist
18 Years

Who I Am?

I am Anoop Narayanan, an E-Learning Coach & Founder of Build Your Own LMS.

I love when course creators ask me how they can do things that no one else is doing & how they can position themselves as someone unique.

Professional Skills

digital marketing
60 %
Offer Creation
70 %
Coaching Strategy
75 %
System Development
80 %
Funnel Designing
70 %

What Have I Done?

I have created seven different businesses, out of which 4 are operational now. And here I should mention that it was learning & development that genuinely interested me & out of the 7 businesses I have started 6 were into learning.

It was in 2020 that I started designing websites on WordPress platforms and along with that, I was trying out platforms to create landing pages and sales pages. That was when I discovered designing Learning Management Systems on WordPress.

What I Love Doing?

I have been teaching, training, and coaching people for eighteen years and have close to fifteen thousand students all over India.

I have been helping all the course creators, whether teachers, trainers, coaches, or consultants establish themselves as a digital coach and launch their courses comfortably by providing customized growth strategies.

I am also a consultant and developer and I design customized coaching systems on WordPress.

If you would like to connect with me to discuss anything regarding E-Learning, please drop me a mail.

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